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The problem of attraction of investments into real sector of economy is not reduced only to ensuring injection of a certain amount of money. It is important to create conditions of interaction financial, industrial, insurance, venture and other capitals in this sphere and to provide formation and development of market mechanisms, their functioning, mutually interest and mutual support.

Currency "swaps" - agreements a mutual exchange of various currencies. Currency transaction "swap" consists in purchase of foreign currency on the terms of the cash transaction in exchange for domestic with the subsequent repayment.

secondly, there is a type of service, more difficult in comparison with consultation. It is accumulation of means of small investors and management of these means with the subsequent investment in a wide set of securities for the purpose of minimization of risk and increase of the income.

One of effective solutions of a problem of investments is creation of financial and industrial groups, holdings. Their organization will promote increase of interest of all participating structures in long-term investment.