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Others experience is always unique. It it is impossible in accuracy neither to repeat, nor to copy. But it is necessary nobility and consider it. After all not without reason speak: the clever study on others mistakes, fools - on own. Some, however, do not do neither that, nor another.

First, reforms, unfortunately, are carried out only when situation threateningly and reforms are urgent when because of a wide circulation of a disorder and an insecurity the sees in them more pluses, than minuses.

At last, thirdly, a combination of three reforms (monetary, and social) it was succeeded to send mass activity to the course — due to the valid communication of production and a (money), efficiency and justice (socially growth).

The concept by which L. Erhard in carrying out economic reforms was guided, was called by the concept of the social market economy (SME). Let's consider highlights of this economic program.

So, after successful carrying out monetary reform at once the new problems connected first of all with price increase. It is necessary to distinguish two phases. The first phase after monetary reform in artificial creation of a purchase power of 10 billion brands. Here subear money (60 DMs), for creation of initial starting conditions mean.