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The competing approach means that the car (as well as programs it is created by the person, and, in this sense is reflection of that purpose which was previously developed by the person and by which it is called serve. In this case ability of the car (program) to expedient behavior is defined by her founders.

What consequences are involved by this process? First of all the traditional unities represented by earlier indispensable characteristic of labor process, first of all spatial unity of subjects and labor process disappear. Remote control of production breaks off this unity, opportunity opens, for example, if not to liquidate completely, it is essential to reduce daily transportations of people to a place of work and back.

Let's assume also that communication lines between separate devices developed to such an extent that the exchange of beyond all bounds large volumes of information between them is carried out instantly (by the way, for this purpose prerequisites are: rapid growth of construction of fiber-optical communication lines led to that, for example, exchange of information between Moscow and Vladivostok on the allocated line makes about 3 today.

The equipment and technology existed, from the point of view of mankind history, always — as this history begins not earlier than that moment when people start using instruments of labor, that is, the elementary equipment. Moreover, the course of human history in many respects is defined by process of gradual development of technology and a set of technologies available to society. However, up to Industrial revolution, the technician and technology had no that general and universal and determining character which they found in New, and, in particular, in the Latest time.

The first (and, actually, only consequence: we will not be able completely neither to understand, nor to predict further succession of events when "at a wheel" civilizations rise not only, not so much, and then and is exclusive not people, and superintelligence.

It is also necessary to assume that a certain genius of the producer of the software seized access to each separate COMPUTER and could force all system to solve in general any problems approached to intellectual (recognition of images, ability to self-training, etc.).

No improvement of datalogical programs will replace the creative potential of the person. The reason, in particular, that there is no universal algorithm of opening and formation of new algorithms. The rate only on improvement of algorithms and programs represents obvious exaggeration of a role of a machine factor and underestimation of a human factor in the solution of creative tasks. I will list the major creative components non-formalizable for today: problem definition or realization of a problem situation; independent development of selection criteria of the necessary, leading to the decision operations; generation of guesses and hypotheses in the course of search of the main idea of the decision (it is the scientific, art, technical imagination which is not consolidated to combination theory and generation of casual states); interpretation of the formal decision; understanding, etc.

The equipment is so ancient phenomenon, as well as mankind therefore quite naturally that it anyway came into the view of philosophers. However as the independent philosophical discipline, philosophy of equipment arose only in the XX century.

Formation of informatics as if bypassed difficulties which are connected with definition of the nature of information, and it remains a big problem for philosophers. Already within information processes there is important an understanding of a ratio of information formal and information semantic.

The same destiny, probably, expects also unity of time. The computerized production working in the Automatic mode does not demand indispensable coincidence on time of production and the human activity providing this process.