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The slogan which is usually preceding an advertizing appeal represents one of fixed assets of drawing attention and interest of target audience. Its role especially increases in the absence of other means drawing involuntary attention – illustrations, colors and so on.

that is that sense which is put in it by founders (rather widespread mistake is that founders of a brand believe that their perception and perception of target audience are identical; in practice quite often disperses from perception of the consumer).

It is known that marketing can be effective only in that case when the goods correspond to requirements of the market. The similar situation with branding - if goods is not able to satisfy the consumer, any, most ingenious brand created for it is doomed to a failure.

If participation of the first two groups of developers - rather standard and widely applied course, for involvement of two last groups the company uses nonconventional methods. On the web server of the company the special heading (chat) where certain time and a subject of a meeting is fixed is organized. Having come on this server at the appointed time, any visitor can take part in discussion of a problem and in creation of idea (we remember that 80% of all marketing ideas were prompted by buyers) in one of three qualities - the consumer, the developer or the third-party expert. Participation as the consumer means even remuneration for participation in the detailed hour father-in-law.

According to experts there are 17 subjects drawing special attention of people. If to use them as the idea which is the cornerstone of a brand, probability of that people will pay attention to these goods, will be higher (this statement, frankly speaking, seems rather disputable).

To create a successful brand, it is necessary to know about goods and about his producer as much as possible - the facts about these goods and adjacent areas, history of development of these goods and the manufacturing enterprise, use examples - the word, everything that is anyway connected with goods.

The graphic trademark (the conditional designation of firm which is most stylized and universally adapted for existence in the estimated advertizing environment or a product As the graphic trademark is one of the basic style forming elements, its development and use in system of a corporate style should pay special attention. The trademark has to meet the high esthetic requirements and level of modern graphics. At the same time the trademark has to be simple for perception, and also in the image and the use, that is has to be combined with the text and other elements of registration easily. Graphic trademarks represent drawings of the most various subjects: it and various ornaments, symbols, and images of animals, birds, the stylized images of various subjects. Graphic trademarks can include not only images of subjects, but also words in a special form, it is sometimes difficult to carry out accurate differentiation between letter or verbal marks and graphic signs.

At direct formation of the advertizing message it is necessary to think up, first of all, a subject and the motto of all advertizing campaign. The subject of advertizing has to answer the purpose of an advertizing campaign and a product which is advertized. It is necessary that the consumer remembered at least the name of a product and firm. Given by circumstances advertizing is also defined. It is expressed in bright heading – the motto called advertizing by a slogan.

A certain impact on perception of information is made by forms of lines. It is considered that vertical or direct horizontal lines are associated with tranquillity, clarity and even solidarity, and bent - with grace and ease. However it is fair in certain conditions, for example, than more often horizontal or vertical lines and than are more contrast the colors chosen for their image, especially unpleasant up to dizziness, they make feelings. Very often in logos images of various animals or birds are used.

In practice often you meet that two close concepts - a brand and a trademark confuse. Actually the brand is not only the trademark consisting of the name, a graphic representation (a logo and sound symbols of the company or goods. Concept of a brand wider as still in addition enter it: