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Placement of information on firm in the electronic catalog can be other option that the firm and its advertizing or other announcement significantly expands at once opportunities there are for Internet users, and it is possible to wait for result through small time. Information is grouped in thematic selections and the strong base of information directed on advance of uniform production is formed. In relation to the tourist sphere such bases of tourist information are formed on the large tourist centers.

Technology of hotel service – set of operations and processes in rendering of services of placement and hospitality to tourists; system of rational methods of use of buildings, constructions, equipment of hotels.

Other, not less effective way placement of announcements of search of partners in specialized services. In this case you expose the conditions, and the interested partners find you. To make sure of reliability of the potential partner, it is necessary to meet we sleep personally. On the Internet it is quite possible to hold preliminary negotiations with found the. Advantage of the Internet by search of partners in tourism - an of receiving materials about the potential partner.

You feel, what you other people operate, and you cannot make something as you consider it necessary? You long consider the ideas, and at this time your boss offers something, and you again were late with the ideas? You see, what your subordinates always wait when you specify, what to do to them? You feel, what your employees simply loaf on office instead of actively working?

The majority of above-mentioned opportunities of the Internet in time is used in the tourist sphere. However the particular interest in tourism organization is caused by the following forms of use of a global network.

Many people of business feel that they do not have an assertivnost. If you one of these people, time came to change it. Perhaps, at present you are not so assertive as far as could be. The Assertivnost needs to be developed. You can become more assertive, having deepened the understanding of idea of an assertivnost and practicing assertive behavior.

So, for example, about Florida as about the tourist center of world value it is possible to receive really bottomless tourist : the description of all resorts, programs, addresses of tourist firms and association and also to look at fragments of cruise rounds seven the largest the company in the Caribbean Region.

Providing interfaces program – the segment of a control system of hotel property which is turning on program modules: the current sale, management of energy resources, phone bills, system of electronic locking, the software of personal computers, pass – bars, demonstrations of video movies.

Now the Internet is the most powerful Information and technological system in the world. It is used for various branches of human activity, including needs of the individual user.

It is possible to tell definitely that the Internet gives to opportunities for granting and a of the tourist product unprecedented earlier in the world community. Thus even the small firm at competent carrying out an advertizing campaign can reach considerable results.

You are declined often to foreign opinion at working meetings? It is difficult for you to express openly the feelings, both positive, and negative, in conversation with the chief? How the chief, you sometimes lose control over yourself and are angry with the subordinates not confident in the work? You sometimes leave from negotiations with clients, feeling like the loser because could not insist on the correct decision?