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The requirement of the accelerated processing of the increasing volumes of information existing now puts considerable difficulties in use of modern computer facilities. Difficulties are connected first of all with insufficient fast-actions and memory size of the COMPUTER. The types of memories applied in modern COMPUTERS with consecutive selection at the Main the volume of 107-109 bits have speed about tens and hundreds of seconds.

In digital cameras two types of matrix photodetectors are used: devices with charging communication (CCD) and photosensitive sensors on the basis of KMOP-structures. (Three-layer sensors of Foveon were not widely adopted yet.) They consist of a set of separate elements, sensitive to light. Under the influence of light on each cell of a sensor collects electric charge which will be transformed then to tension (is formed) and read out from a photodetector.

That is the return current when lighting increases. Absorption of quanta directly in p-n transition leads to similar results. The size at which the return current increases, is called as photocurrent.

The photo diode can possess big speed, but its coefficient of strengthening of photocurrent does not exceed unit. Thanks to existence of optical communication optoelectronic integrated chips possess a number of essential advantages. Almost ideal galvanic outcome of the operating chains at preservation between them strong functional communication.

The Memory (M) on magnetic cores, and also semiconductor memory though meet requirements for speed (10-6, 10 - 7), are insufficient on the volume of (106 - 105) bits.

There are 3 physical factors influencing a lag effect: time of diffusion or drift of nonequilibrium carriers through the  base; flight time through p-n transition of i; time of a recharge of barrier capacity of p-n of transition which is characterized by Rsbar time constant.

At absorption of quanta of light in p-n transition or in the areas adjoining to it new carriers of a charge are formed. The nonbasic carriers of a charge which arose in the areas adjacent to p-n to transition at distance which is not exceeding diffusive length diffundirut transition to p-n and pass through it under the influence of electric field.

where If – the photocurrent equal to a difference of the currents proceeding on the photoresistor in the dark and at defined (200 lx) illumination, a mk; – the falling light stream, lm; U – tension attached to the photoresistor, Century.

When lighting the photoresistor energy of photons is spent for transfer of electrons to a conductivity zone. The number of free electron-hole couples increases, resistance of the photoresistor falls and through it light current flows

From a large number of photointakes (photodiode and phototransistor devices, electrovacuum and solid-state vidicons photoelectronic multipliers, etc.) solid-state matrix photodetectors most fully meet requirements of optoelectronic processing devices of information.

Fundamental difference of optrons as elements of communication is in use for transfer of information electrically of neutral photons that causes a number of advantages of optrons which are inherent also in all other optoelectronic devices in general. Though at optrons is, certainly, and the shortcomings.