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"The healthy hobby for pedagogics of children's educational collective brought in theories and in practice to weakening of attention to problems of individual formation of the children's personality. In pedagogics there was an opposition of concepts of a collectivism and individualism, at unambiguous encouragement of education of the collectivist in collective and condemnation of education of identity with means parno – individual interaction.

Before knitted from unpainted wool of natural coloring, combining usually white with brown or black. Since the end of the XIX century the painted wool of various types began to be applied. As a rule, each color scheme in a pattern is harmonious and in it the big national culture is shown.

Presently each child seeks to be unlike the others, it is shown in aspiration better to study, put on, look. Therefore a task of the teacher is to pay attention to individual desires and requirements of children.

On circles on knitting the creative beginning develops. Children from school age have opportunity to behold and feel all charm and originality of various works made the hands. Occupations by needlework attract children with results of work, expand possibilities of creation of unique drawings and models of clothes. You will not see the thing connected by own hands on anybody. And how many pleasures will be brought house by the scarf connected by the child, a jacket, socks! All things store warmly children's hands which created it.

In work with children of school age, using work in technology of knitting, it is possible to organize fascinating development of individual opportunities. The program of kruzhkovy occupations focuses on it.

The head of occupations needs to consider age features and specifics of out-of-class work which will be organized after active brainwork of children at lessons. Usually new information needs to be given in the small portions, again gained knowledge fixes at once practical abilities, repetition of knowledge and improvement of abilities carry out not on samples, and on various products which surely bear semantic loading (begin with simple products on a design and small on work volume so that children could see quickly result of the work, grew old to work so that in each new product pupils could show independence, a creative initiative, an invention at a choice of finishing, knitting drawing, etc.).

On introduction occupation it is expedient to generalize ideas of school students of knitting process by spokes, tools and materials from which knit in house conditions, knitted studio and on production; to supply with general information about selection of spokes for various yarn, to show samples of threads, sets of various spokes, samples of products which children can knit on occupations.

Machine knitting of knitted products in house conditions is carried out by manual ploskovyazalny cars. By all cars it is possible to carry out various, both one-color, and multi-color patterns, combining and altering which receive a set of options of drawings. The cloth at machine knitting turns out much more exactly, than when knitting by spokes.

It is expedient to include work on products which are not duplicated with that children produce at lessons of labor education in the content of kruzhkovy occupations. Therefore the teacher of a circle should be in continuous creative search, to dream, bring something new.